Building on the tremendous success of the Archives for Africa, which was launched in Addis Ababa and Westminster in 2006, the Pan Africa Chemistry Network represents an innovative approach to working with universities, schools, scientists, teachers, and students in Africa.With a special focus on the Millennium Development Goals and the countries of Eastern Africa, the Network will ultimately span the entire Continent.

About the Network

Launched in London on 21 November 2007 and in Nairobi on 27 May 2008, the Pan Africa Chemistry Network is in the early stages of development. The PACN aims to help African countries to integrate into regional, national and international scientific networks, by:

  • Supporting the teaching of chemistry in schools via courses for teachers, provision of materials and resources available to schools.
  • Promoting intra Africa scientific networking and conferencing on the key science issues facing the continent with a view to supporting the development of sustainable science programmes and expertise.
  • Supporting chemistry in Higher Education by running courses and providing training to allow scientists to make better use of resources such as the RSC archive; and provide some extra digitisation of other materials to African scientists.
  • Establishing centres of excellence for the chemical sciences to support economic & human development.
Include support for science competition for secondary schools, organization of conferences and workshops in Africa, provision of books to schools and universities, award of travel and research grants to scientists and organization of training workshops.
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The PACN is an active network of people from across Africa and the globe, if you wish to be part of this network, please join our mailing list (by emailing and by joining our LinkedIn PACN Support Group